Internet Marketing Tips for Successful New Year

January 28, 2009

There is no doubt a slowdown occurring in the global economy. And what that means for search engine marketing and online marketers overall is that everyone must rethink their current online marketing strategies.
Many businesses are seeing their revenues shrinking simply because of the fact that many individuals have less money to spend overall. This many indeed sound like a hopeless situation for many, but for those who are ready to stick it out, here are some tips that can help get you ahead of the rest.
First, as most marketers know by now, through the constant communication via social networking and forums on the Internet, viral marketing has become an amazing way to generate new business and income. However, for many, it can also become quite a problem if their online reputation has become tainted with negative press. It is very important in these times to focus on making sure that your online reputation is in tip top shape. Try searching for your business name on a regular basis using “your business name here” for exact results regularly. In addition, you can even contribute to this good press initiative by participating in these communities and forums.
Also, why not try adding a blog or forum to your own website if you haven’t already? Interactivity is becoming the norm in terms of customer experience and many sites have found lots of success through blogs, message boards, video streams, podcasts and more.
If you haven’t already, it is important to examine the ease-of-use in terms of your business website. If it isn’t very easy to use (or just plain hard on the eyes), then maybe it’s about time to give the site a little makeover? Website owners with a little HTML knowledge can purchase website templates at sites such as and simply change things around such as text and whatnot in order to customize that template for your business.
Next, be sure to have definite goals I place on how you will be catching the eyes of new potential customers. Search marketing campaigns can really help gain exposure for your business at search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, but it can also become quite expensive. One reason why Search123 offers special promotional incentives for new advertisers is to help new advertisers and business owners try out the Search123 advertising for a very low cost before making any further commitments. Not to mention, Search123 is only a fraction of the cost of many top tier search terms.
When starting any new internet marketing campaign, be sure to focus on where your target market is…physically. Geo-targeting is a big item to consider if you are only targeting customers in one part of the world such as your own local area. So try to use keywords that are more relevant to your local area of city in order to match results pertaining to your company or product such as “Los Angeles sushi restaurant”. This will be general enough to gather a larger audience while targeting to your exact area without having to service all queries for “sushi restaurants”.
There are many ways in which a search engine marketer or online marketer can really help their business or their client’s business prosper in the tougher times ahead. Again, this is why we offer special rates for new Search123 advertisers ready to test out a campaign or two. We know that money is tight for many businesses right now and that is why we want you to have the opportunity to see the results for yourself and help your business extend its reach and rank higher.